Historical figure Naomasa Ii (equestrian statue)
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Weight 550g
Width 150mm
Height 90mm
Depth 160mm
Opening the harsh fate, Naomasa Ii climbed up to Shitenno Tokugawa
<br /> The male figure in the Sekigahara battle is reproduced with a lively horse!

When Naomasa was born, the heads and families of the Ii family were succumbing to death and murder, and the Imagawa family was about to be destroyed. There are no influential boys in the Ii family, and the young Naomasa (Toramatsu) barely survives under the protection of his mother and the lord of the castle (Naoto Tiger).

At the age of Naomasa 15, when the Ii family survived as a preeminent lamp, he met fate-hunting Ieyasu Tokugawa and had a fateful encounter.

Naomasa, who had lost his father and continued to practice martial arts even under severe circumstances, quickly emerged when he was occupied by Ieyasu and became remarkable in numerous battlefields and diplomacy.

Ishidaka, who was 300 stones, became 40,000 stones at the age of 22, and despite being an outsider among Takeshi Mikawa, until he was counted as one of the `` Tokugawa Shitenno '' with Tadashi Sakai, Tadakatsu Honda, and Yasumasa Sakakibara He achieved a career in the world.

Naomasa supported Ieyasu Tokugawa throughout his life until he passed away at the age of 42.

The prestigious Ii family, who discharged five elders in the Edo period, was built by Naomasa.

Reproduced in the Sekigahara battle "Shu lacquered two-piece Buddha feet"

This work is made with red armor that is said to have been worn by Naomasa Ii in the battle of Sekigahara.

This is the earliest armor whose helmet has no fixed angle, and is designed for ease of movement.

* Reference "Zhu-lacquered two-piece Buddha feet" is from Hikone Castle Museum.

Red armor made of vermilion was noticeable on the battlefield, so wearing it was a proof of valor.

Naomasa was once granted the former minister of the Takeda family, who was once feared as the strongest of the Sengoku nations. He is allowed to use his armor, which was a symbol of Shingen's strength.

The genealogy of the Ii family and Akabei, who were later feared as "Ii no Akagi", began here.

Naomasa ran through a short life of 42 years like a gale. Please enjoy the dynamic equestrian figure reminiscent of that figure.

What is a historical figure?
<br /> A three-dimensional image that elaborately reproduces a historical figure.

This item, which spread to the royal nobles of medieval Europe, has gained widespread popularity in Europe and the United States as the educated adult collection "King of Hobby". Kenshin Co., Ltd. has been developing and providing real historical figures for the first time in Japan since 2007 with the backing of historical facts and armor costumes.

The color finish is hand-painted by a craftsman. We perform strict inspections and supervision on modeling and coloring quality to make up.

Based on genuine materials, we are developing the series as a collection item for adults.

[Product Specifications]

Product size: W160 × D90 × H150 mm

Material: Polystone
<br /> Weight: about 550g
<br /> Accessories: Special makeup box