Historical figure Date Masamune (equestrian statue)
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Weight 500g
Width 145mm
Height 85mm
Depth 188mm
Oshu King Date Masamune Equestrian Statue
<br /> At the end of the Warring States, Date Masamune appeared in Oshu like a comet.

Masamune, who is said to have been modeled on Nobunaga Oda, boldly opened an air hole in Oshu, where integration was delayed due to old traditions. At the age of eighteen, he succeeded the family of the Date family and continued to take on fierce battles.

The Date Masamune is reproduced in a lively equestrian statue. Date Masamune is known as the one-eyed hero, known as the monocular dragon.

Even during this work, that eye is reproduced in detail.

Artistic beauty that captures the instantaneous jump of a horse
<br /> The dynamism of the horses as if they could hear the horses, and the appearance of Masamune who raised the iron whip high is full of the realism on the battlefield right now.

It can be an instant that gives the life of an attack, an inspiring encouragement to your allies, or you can enjoy modeling from every angle while thinking about history.

In this scale that can be enjoyed on a tabletop or bookcase, the armor costume of Masamune Date, wearing five black lacquer torso legs, is accurately and delicately reproduced.

<br /> The helmet placket "crescent" has a real gold shine with real gold leaf.

On the back of the Jin Haori, the red color scheme is reminiscent of "Yamagata Jin Haori". Momoyama's characteristic colors of black and red gold are applied in an exquisite balance, giving a colorless finish that keeps the key points in check.

What is a historical figure?
<br /> A three-dimensional image that elaborately reproduces a historical figure.

This item, which spread to the royal nobles of medieval Europe, has gained widespread popularity in Europe and the United States as the educated adult collection "King of Hobby". Kenshin Co., Ltd. has been developing and providing real historical figures for the first time in Japan since 2007 with the backing of historical facts and armor costumes.

The color finish is hand-painted by a craftsman. We perform strict inspections and supervision on modeling and coloring quality to make up.

Based on genuine materials, we are developing the series as a collection item for adults.

[Product Specifications]

Product size: W145 × D85 × H188 mm

Material: polystone, gold leaf
<br /> Weight: about 500g
<br /> Accessories: Special makeup box