Historical figure Sanada Yukimura (riding statue) Ishigaki version Completely colored
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Weight 580g
Width 160mm
Height 110mm
Depth 210mm
Sanada Yukimura riding statue, fully vivid and colorful

The Sanada Yukimura, who will be on the camp of Osaka, is three-dimensionally integrated with the towering Ishigaki pedestal in a dynamic equestrian figure.

Yukimura has endured 14 years longer than Sekigahara and has finally gained a battlefield as a samurai at the order of Hideyori. "Sanada", the Tokugawa army's most feared, recreates the brave appearance that appeared on the stage of the final battle in Sengoku in preparation for red.

This work accurately reproduces the armor costume worn by Yukimura in detail, and was produced with fine coloration.

Sanada Yukimura's vermilion armor and the red provisions led by him were born since the Sanada family originally served the Takeda family. It seems that Masakage Yamagata, who had succeeded his vassals, was greatly influenced by the lineage of Naotomasa Ii of Shitenno Tokugawa and the Red Provision.

The red that stands out on the battlefield at the same time as highlighting bravery has the danger of being attacked, and it really highlights Sanada's valor.

Armor and Jin Haori are based on Japanese scarlet red, and the different textures of armor iron, leather, cloth, horses and stone walls are painted with advanced craftsmanship.

The delicate coloring expresses life into the details of the modeling, creating a more dynamic and realistic image.

The expression of the details is made with high technology that only our company, which has specialized in Sengoku warlords for over 20 years since its foundation, can do it. With the stone wall as a base, you can enjoy the taste of "real" by specialized shaping from any angle of 360 degrees.

Helmets and sleeves with a reddish metallic appearance. Kaget is also reproduced as a chain of chains.

A delicate color finish that gives a feeling of use. Each one is carefully recreated until it gets dirty with a brush.

`` Helmet '' side stand
<br /> Sharp modeling in the image of real deer horns is expressed with realistic coloring.


Amazing craftsman's brush coloring technology that draws a tight expression on the head less than 10 mm in width. The tiny eyes are drawn by a special brush over time, especially by craftsmen with long training.

What is a historical figure?
<br /> A three-dimensional image that elaborately reproduces a historical figure.

This item, which spread to the royal nobles of medieval Europe, has gained widespread popularity in Europe and the United States as the educated adult collection "King of Hobby". Kenshin Co., Ltd. has been developing and providing real historical figures for the first time in Japan since 2007 with the backing of historical facts and armor costumes.

The color finish is hand-painted by a craftsman. We perform strict inspections and supervision on modeling and coloring quality to make up.

Based on genuine materials, we are developing the series as a collection item for adults.

[Product Specifications]

Product size: W160 x D110 x H210 mm * Including main body and pedestal
<br /> Material: Polystone (stone powder, synthetic resin)

Weight: about 580g
<br /> Accessories: "Natsu no Osaka" sign with inscription, special gift box