Historical figure Nobunaga Oda (equestrian statue) Red cloak coloring version
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Weight 500g
Width 105mm
Height 80mm
Depth 145mm
Revolutionary child born of the Sengoku, Nobunaga Oda Equestrian statue
<br /> Nobunaga Oda, who is said to have embraced the Nanban culture, is faithfully recreated historically in a horse-riding horse wearing a Nanban helmet, Western armor, and a missionary-style velvet cloak that came to Japan.

Nobunaga, a lover of new things, favored the Nanban culture. In the literature, there is a record of wearing a cloak on western armor.

At Uesugi Shrine, there is a "velvet red cloak" that Nobunaga dedicated to Kenshin Uesugi.

During the Warring States period, velvet was very expensive and the focus of the world. Wearing that precious Nanban armor and cloak, it recreates Nobunaga's equestrian figure with a matchlock gun.

Nobunaga and the gun reminiscent of the Battle of Nagashino
<br /> Nobunaga has used a large number of guns in battles for the first time in Japanese history, defeating the Takeda cavalry, which was feared as the strongest in Sengoku. The "locklock gun" provided on the right side of the statue was elaborately reproduced up to "Karakuri" based on evidence.

Japan's first full-fledged historical figure
<br /> In Europe, there is a collection of historical figures that decorate statues of knights.

The collection, which has spread as a hobby of the royal nobles, is also known as the “King of Hobby” and has established itself as a well-educated adult collection.

Our products have been deployed since 2007 as Japan's first accurate historical figures.

Armor specialist development cooperation
<br /> This series, with the supervision and cooperation of experts, has been accurately reproduced up to armor and costumes. We make elaborate models based on accurate armor knowledge and materials obtained in the armor production and restoration business.

Kennobu Miura, the only expert and armorer in Japan of armor from the Warring States period (tofu seisoku), asked what kind of armor costume the Sengoku warlord wore at the time. I am.

Kenshin strives to preserve and disseminate armor production techniques in order to pass on Japanese armor making to future generations. Such activities were recognized, and in 2001, it was certified as a Saitama Prefecture Management Innovation Business.

What is a historical figure?
<br /> A three-dimensional image that elaborately reproduces a historical figure.

This item, which spread to the royal nobles of medieval Europe, has gained widespread popularity in Europe and the United States as the educated adult collection "King of Hobby". Kenshin Co., Ltd. has been developing and providing real historical figures for the first time in Japan since 2007 with the backing of historical facts and armor costumes.

The color finish is hand-painted by a craftsman. We perform strict inspections and supervision on modeling and coloring quality to make up.

Based on genuine materials, we are developing the series as a collection item for adults
[Product Specifications]

Product size: W105 × D80 × H145 mm

Material: Polystone
<br /> Weight: about 500g
<br /> Accessories: Special makeup box