Q. Is it possible to purchase items without a membership registration?

Membership registration is necessary for secure delivery. It is also possible to do the membership registration with SNS account such as Facebook.

Q. Can I place an order by e-mail, telephone or fax?

Customers can place an order on this website only.

Q. How long does it keep the item in the cart?

The items in the cart do not disappear over time.
However, we do not guarantee the inventory and price in the cart. Please note that the price and inventory status will be changed when you decide to purchase.

Q. The item price might have been changed.

Since we update the exchange rate periodically, the item price may have changed at the timing of your access. In addition, the purchase price will be calculated by the rate at the time of settlement processing. There is no price fluctuation in case of the settlement by Japanese Yen.

Q. Where can I inquire a question about items?

Please contact us from the inquiry link on each page.
We will contact you after checking your message. Please note that we may take time to reply your massage because we need to reply through a translator.

Q. How is the shipping fee determined?

International shipping is shipped via EMS.

The shipping cost will be calculated by the following standards.

International shipping: cargo weight・size・shipping method

Q. Is there any expenses besides the item price and shipping fee?

It may cost the tariff, import tax and other fees such as customs fee in case of international shipping.
Please note that the recipients are responsible to pay shipping fee and shipping tax for international shipping.
It cost the postage and consumption tax besides purchase price.

Q. Is there a wrapping service?

We do not have the wrapping service.

Q. I do not receive Thanks e-mail. Has the order been completed?

After receiving an order, we send you an order completion e-mail to the registered e-mail address.
If you do not receive it after a while, please confirm the following list.
· It is not a registered e-mail address.
· An e-mail is in the spam mail folder?
· The mailbox exceeds the maximum capacity.
· Rejection setting of e-mail included domain [@〇〇.arium.shop]
· Rejection setting of e-mail such as e-mail included URL

If you have any inquiry about your order, please contact us from the inquiry form on the order history.

Q. It was a wrong order. Is it possible to change it?

We cannot accept the order change because we arrange items immediately after receiving an order.
When you place an order, please confirm your order details and delivery address carefully.

Q. Is it possible to ship it all together if I place an order twice?

We cannot arrange two ordered items together in the same package. The items are delivered separately.

Q. Is it possible to cancel after the order completion?

We cannot accept the cancellation after receiving an order but will consider how to deal with it if the customer inform us of the reason from inquiry form.
Please note that we are not able to deal with it if the reason is a customer's personal preference such as long absence, reception refusal and returns without contacting us.

In case of the following reasons, we may cancel for our convenience.
・It takes 14 days for arranging ordered items
・It is not able to expect the restart sales because the product is out of stock temporarily.

Q. I want to refuse to receive the goods because it is not needed. Is that alright?

In case a customer refused to receive goods without contacting us, we cannot accept refunds, processes of cancellation and arrangement of re-sending, so please contact us the reason from inquiry form.

Q. What are payment methods available?

The credit card settlement is available.
The card brands that you can use for payment will be VISA, Master Card and AMERICAN EXPRESS.
Payment is only one-time payment.

Q. When is the due date for the payment?

Please contact the credit card company directly or check the usage statement sent from the credit card company.

Q. Does it cost the fee by credit card payment?

Buyers does not need to pay the settlement fee.

Q. An error occurred during settlement.

In case of error during settlement, the following reasons are considered.
-Information which you typed is wrong (Login information and credit card information).
-The credit card has some problems (usage limit/expiration date).

Please check the registered information and try it again or contact the credit card company.
Please note that we cannot contact each management company, so please contact each management company directly.

Q. Is it possible to issue the receipt?

There is no service to issue a receipt now, but we send purchasers the order confirmation email about order details after purchasing.

Q. Is it possible to issue an estimate and invoice?

We do not make an estimate for private users. If you are corporate user, please contact us from an inquiry form.
Regarding to an invoice, please substitute the attached invoice in case of international delivery.

Q. Is it possible to issue a delivery statement?

Please refer to the details on the EMS invoice in case of international delivery. In case of domestic delivery in Japan, please contact us from an inquiry form.

Q. How long will it take to receive an item after placing an order?

We take time to ship items to customers because we place an order from manufacturers to deliver items.
At the shortest, it takes 3 business days to prepare a shipment since you placed an order, but it might be 7 business in some cases. It will take around 10 to 14 days for international delivery.

Q. Is it possible to check the current delivery status?

After shipping to Japan, you can confirm the delivery status by EMS tracking number on the delivery completion email.

Q. Is it possible to select a delivery company?

As of Sep 2018, the delivery method for an international shipping is EMS only.

Q. There was an error in registered address I entered. Can I fix the delivery address?

When you make a mistake in entering the delivery address, please let us know the situation from the inquiry form. It is possible to revise the address if the goods are in Japan, but it is stored until we receive information from the local post office in case of the goods have already left Japan because it is investigated by the local post office. Please note that it will take time to deliver to the correct address in case of it.

Q. Is it possible to send the goods to more than 2 places?

You can specify only one delivery address per order. If you would like us to deliver the goods to more than two places, please place an order separately.

Q. Where can you ship the goods?

We can ship where the countries and areas are not limited by EMS. Please check the limited countries and areas here. https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/country/index_en.html

Q. Is it possible to specify the delivery date and time?

It is not able to specify the delivery date and time.

Q. The item does not arrive.

The delivery may be delayed due to the delivery status or weather condition. Please confirm the delivery status from the shipping completion email if it takes long time after you received the email.

Q. The delivered item is different from the item I placed an order.

Please contact us from an inquiry form. After investigating, we will contact you how to deal with it by e-mail.

Q. I want to return the received items.

We cannot accept product returns due to the customer's personal reasons.
Please contact us if you have below problems.

・In case of damage, stain and scratch
If the defect is caused by us, we will give you a refund for damaged items. Regarding to stains, damages and scratches, please request the courier company to issue 'Damage Report' and contact us from inquiry page. Please understand that it will take time for the refund procedures.

・In case of receiving different goods/number.
Please contact us from an inquiry form. After investigation, we will contact you our correspondence.
Please note that it will take time to correspond to it.

These correspondences are effective in case you open and confirm the package with the delivery staff.
We cannot deal with the problem after passing days.

Q. I worry about if the delivered item has any damage and stain.

If you worry about the condition of goods, please open the package with the delivery staff. If you find any damage and stain, please proceed the below processes.
1.Please take a picture of the damage.
2.Please request the delivery staff to submit the damage report.
3.Please obtain the damage report and take a picture the damaged product.
4.Please report the damage from the inquiry form.
5.We will confirm the damage report. (It takes about one month to confirm. )
6.After confirming, we will proceed the processes for the refund of the damaged goods.

If there is any damage, we will refund you for the damaged item.
In case of that you need the item again, please place an order it again.