About Shipping Cost

Because the shipping cost is converted from Japanese yen to Thai Baht, there is a possibility that it changes according to the exchange rate. Please check the following page for details of shipping cost.

Please kindly note that shipping fee and the number of delivery days are different between EMS and International ePacket.

Price list is here (English page)

Method of calculating the shipping cost

In Japan To Thailand, we calculate the shipping cost by total size of items and packing.

  • step1

    Check Item Size

    Check the size of the item. The size of the item is stated on the product page.

  • step1

    Calculating the box size

    Decide the size of the box to be used for shipping in total of the product sizes.

  • step1

    Calculate shipping cost

    The shipping cost is determined by the sum of the weight of the product and the box.

How to check shipping cost

The shipping cost is calculated by the size of the current item in the cart. If you would like to confirm the shipping cost, please see the cart.